1. We are developing: BEAT – where Blockchain meets sports. And together we will sponsor, finance, support, revolutionize the world of sports.

2. Imagine a world where sponsors could reward you with goods, services, prices or even money based on contractually agreed goals - with the ease of a fingertip.

3. The BEAT Blockchain will enable the sportsperson to store his verified sports activity and health data anonymously and encrypted in the Blockchain.

4. The BEAT Blockchain builds a bridge of trust between sportspersons and sponsors as well as between trusted third parties.

Who We Are

We are a network of companies, with one common goal: to embrace all sport participants and providers, and encourage people from all over the world to do more sports.

We all know that increasing the amount of physical activity is good for us. Not only do sports and physical activities stimulate and sustain our health, sports also enhance our performance skills and increase our well-being. However, too few of us practice sports and exercise regularly and consistently.


  • Magicline
  • Eurofit24
  • Bedarf.de
  • MySports
  • NoExcuse
  • GymLab

Partner Network Magicline

  • Gantner
  • GoCardless
  • Technogym
  • Matrix
  • InBody
  • Fieldfisher

The world of sports is about to change



Doing Sports is a reward in and of itself, for society, for health, for you. It really should be a motivation in its own right. However, we are social beings and we do things for recognition, for competition, for rewards from our friends, our family, our employer, our insurance etc. We will call all these external motivational agents “sponsors”.



The BEAT Blockchain enables the sportsperson to control his personal data and unleashes all sponsoring energy to motivate people to exercise and do sports. All of this will be possible because a new breathtaking technology called Blockchain connects and creates the necessary trust between otherwise non-related parties.

Speed & Excellence


This concept will require "trusted third parties" like apps, smartwatches, fitness trackers, gyms, etc., tracking, verifying and storing the health and activity data of the sportsperson in the BEAT Blockchain. The verifying and storing will require extensions and modifications to those systems already existing enabling the sportsperson to store his data safely in the BEAT Blockchain under his control.

The BEAT Concept

The blockchain, the token to be used for consuming contractual services on the blockchain as well as the contract between a sponsor and a sportsperson is labeled with the prefix BEAT. BEAT stands for a heartbeat. Every living being on earth has approximately the same number of heart beats. Therefore, small animals with a higher number of heart beats have a shorter lifespan than large animals. The human being managed to almost double the amount of his heart beats by medical and nutritional improvements. We aim at increasing it further by motivating people to do more sports by targeted sponsoring in the BEAT Universe. It is not only the increase of a lifespan, we are aiming at, it is also the additional well-being and additional enjoyment sports can mean for each human being.

The BEAT Ecosystem

Trusted Third Party

A Trusted Third Party is any legal entity providing infrastructure to capture and verify sports activities reliably and who is willing to extend it in order to fulfill various requirements. Record Sport activities including duration and intensity on the BEAT blockchain and links these activities reliably to the sportsperson’s wallet Provide the sportsperson with a personalized electronic wallet with following functionality(100% controlled and owned by the sportsperson; can receive and transfer BEAT tokens, receive and approve sponsor contracts; can decide which activity and health data can be accessed in which detail).


A Sportsperson is any private person doing sports. The BEAT Blockchain shall enable this person to store the activity and health data of this person anonymously in an encrypted way in the BEAT Blockchain. Every sportsperson will have an electronic wallet that contains the only available private key to decrypt and access his stored activity and health data. This means that if the encryption would fail, the data would be useless as it cannot be associated with any person. The activity and health data to be stored shall be generated by digital tracking devices, e.g. scales, wristbands, electrical resistance measuring devices or other eligible gym equipment.


A Sponsor is any private, legal or political entity offering targeted rewards for reaching certain health and sport activity goals. Typical sponsors could be for example:

  • Employers, insurances, government authorities that want to motivate targeted sportspersons
  • Sports facilities, sport associations, sport teams who want to increase participation in sports, funding and comradeship by organizing competition
  • Sport equipment suppliers
  • Private persons (parents, friends) who want to motivate their loved ones

BEAT Blockchain

The BEAT Blockchain is hosting the activity and health data of the sportsperson, the verification of such data, keeping track of the BEAT Tokens transferred, supporting the offering of BEAT Contracts, their acceptance by the sportsperson as well as the execution of the BEAT Contracts.

Trusted Third Party



BEAT Blockchain

BEAT Contract


Duration and extent of health and activity data to which the sportsperson grants the sponsor access to.


Goals the sponsor and the sportsperson agreed to achieve during the term of the contract.


Rewards that the sponsor promises to the sportsperson for achieving the agreed goals. The reward can be defined in BEAT Tokens. The sponsor and sportsperson can also agree on a reward outside of the BEAT Blockchain.

Achievements and Roadmap

More than a Dream and a Whitepaper

  • already the market leader position in Germany, Europe’s most populous country and biggest economy, with a dominant market share
  • state-of-the-art cloud platform built by 40 (and increasing) class-act developers
  • partner ecosystem already up-and-running, deeply integrated into the platform – ready to scale
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  • 2014 Magicline 2.0: Start of development to digitize sport facility management Decision to replace existing market leading sports facility management software in MS-Access with a cloud solution.
  • 2015-16 Development of the ecosystem to digitize sport facility management; Incorporation of Eurofit24 GmbH to provide financial services currently managing volume of 50 million Euro of receivables per year. Incorporation of Bedarf.de GmbH and MySports GmbH to provide a role model for e-commerce Start of the development of the app "NoExcuse" by MySports Magicline 2.0 has been developed with 140 person team working on it Founded Eurofit24 GmbH to provide financial services, currently managing a receivable volume of 50 million euros per year
  • 2017 Magicline 2.0 is released; 3,000 customers are migrated to Magicline 2.0 which becomes a full success Release of the first version of the NoExcuse app, being part of the customer interface for people to interact with their sports providers, as e.g. fitness studios
  • 2018 BEAT Token Sale launches
    Publication of an enhanced version of NoExcuse
  • 2019 Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem in Germany
  • 2020 Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem to the world

Join the BEAT Token Sale

BEAT Token

Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens
60% will be sponsored over 20 years via sports activities


expected to be traded on multiple exchanges

Participate with Ether or Euro

we accept SEPA and transfers over Ethereum blockchain

Token - Price

1 BEAT = 0.01 EUR

No Minimum Contribution

feel free to contribute 1 Wei

Referral Program

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Exceptional Team

140 employees, 40 developers, experienced management team and well connected advisors


already several hundred man-years invested in research & development, dominant market-leader in Germany, ready to scale worldwide


These proven experts will guide us on our way to change the world of sports.

Christopher Obereder

Christopher Obereder

Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Crypto, ICO, Forbes 30 under 30.

Christopher Obereder is a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur, who lived in Silicon Valley over the last years and was selected to be one of the Forbes 30 under 30. He was able to build one of the largest crypto influencer networks with over 200 professionals and knows how to gain traction on Telegram. Christopher is the CMO of Trade.io and is helping NAGA Group on the marketing side, which were able to raise over $80 million in their ICOs.

Brian Condenanza

Brian Condenanza

Seasoned ICO Advisor, Entrepreneur, Investor, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

One of most successful and influential young entrepreneurs, Brian is an early investor of Bitcoin and a passionate cryptocurrency and blockchain advocate who has amassed over 1 million followers on Twitter where he shares future promising ICOs and helps companies connect with their audience.

Alexander Haxton

Alexander Haxton

Cryptocurrency advocate and blockchain consultant.

Alex Haxton was an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2012. He began trading and investing in Bitcoin while being a cryptocurrency advocate on social media. Since then, he has become a cryptocurrency and blockchain consultant and advisor to companies seeking to embrace the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere.

Joshuwa Roomsburg

Joshuwa Roomsburg

Cryptocurrency Marketing Advisor

Josh spent 10 years working with some of the biggest athletes and celebrities to build their brands online.

Now he's using his experience to take over the crypto industry. Within the next year he will become a top 10 face in the crypto industry by working with some of the biggest projects using blockchain technology.


BEATs are about substance and sustainability.

But what do we mean when we talk about having a great plan? Why did we decide to take on this humongous project? And who does stand behind it with so much passion and determination?

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